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European Market Research for concrete posts in the agriculture
Vestiging Eindhoven | Economie & Bedrijfskunde


A. Jansen B.V. offers concrete solutions in the field of infrastructure, recycling and concrete. All disciplines under one green roof: customer-oriented, effective and circular. At A. Jansen B.V. more than 1.2 million tons of inert waste streams are handled per year. Of this, 95% is reused or recycled into high-quality, certified products in the company, with the aim to increase this to 99.9% in the coming 5 years. The company is a major player in the world of concrete as it offers many different types of concrete.


For this project you as a student consultant will conduct a market research study to better understand the European market surrounding concrete posts in agriculture. This will be carried out together with a student from Wageningen University. The research consists of three parts; what is the current situation in Europe (customers, where would the posts be used, etc.), what competition exists (manufactures name, type of posts, pricing, warranty conditions, etc.), and what technical requirements should the posts meet (dimensions, Soil Quality Decree, processing, resilience against weather and environment, etc.). The research can mostly be carried out at home with one day at the office in Son.

Eisen van student

  • Experience with marktet researches;
  • Strong communicative skills;
  • Analytical thinker;
  • Available for about 16 to 24 hours per week;
  • Available from July till the end of September;
Direct solliciteren

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