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Job offer

Vacature – Industrial Engineer
Office Eindhoven | Economie & Bedrijfskunde

Company information

DLL  is  a  global  vendor  finance  company  founded  in  1969  and  headquartered  in Eindhoven. The  company  provides  asset-based  financial  solutions  in  the  agriculture,  food,  healthcare, clean technology, construction, transportation, industrial, document imaging and technology industries. DLL partners with equipment manufacturers, dealers and distributors in more than 30 countries to support their distribution channels and grow their businesses. Furthermore, DLL is a fully owned subsidiary of Rabobank Group.

Project description

The  department  Group  Legal  International desires  to  optimize  their  current  business processes.  Therefore,  they must investigate  what  opportunities  exist  for  improvement. By visualizing   the   current   business   processes   and   the   flow   of   information, different recommendations  to  optimize  their  processes  could be given. This  should  be  done  for  the Group Legal Corporate and the Business Team. The first contains adjustments in legal entities such as changes in boards, legal claims, guarantees, and reporting this to the Rabobank. The second  contains  different  contract types. The  two  teams  could  have  some  overlap  in procurement.

The  goal  of  the  project  is  to  give  clear  recommendations  to  the  Group  Legal  International department on  how  to  improve  their  current  practices. For  both  departments (Group  Legal Corporate and Business) it is necessary to completely identify all the steps taken in the process, including  the responsibilities  and  all  the flow of  information.  After  all  actions are  identified the  student  consultant  can determine  what  improvements  could  be  made  to  improve  the business process.

Student requirements

Are you …


  • Assertive
  • Profecient in English
  • Capable of giving solid advice
  • Capable of keeping a clear overview

What do we have to offer?

Do you want…


  • An extra challenge next to your study?
  • To earn a nice salary?
  • To boost your CV with practical experience?



Then apply with your CV and a short motivation!

Apply now

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