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UniPartners Wageningen

UniPartners Wageningen, that’s us! An ambitious and dynamic academic consultancy based on the campus of Wageningen University. We were founded in 2014 and since then our student board members have been working extremely hard to give Wageningen students the opportunity to gain experience in the business world. We do this because we believe that when students challenge and develop themselves, they are of great added value.


By creating a bridge between Wageningen students and organizations, we offer students a wonderful learning experience by tackling relevant issues of organizations in your future field of work. This way you will learn during your studies how you can improve internal business management with your academic knowledge. At the same time, you receive an attractive salary, you have flexible working hours and your fresh view really takes organizations further!


Interested? Then take a look at our vacancies and completed projects. You can find more information about experience as a student consultant, on board or in committees on the ‘Opportunities’ page. Or visit our office!

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Merel van Zomeren
General Manager
Study: BSc Management & Consumer studies

I am Merel van Zomeren, 21 years old and a student at Wageningen University & Research. I am also the General Manager of UniPartners Wageningen of 2018-2019 academic year. This means that I have a coordinating role within the board, in which I supervise the day-to-day management, keep an overview of everyone's tasks and see to it that they are properly implemented. I am also the first point of contact for external contacts. What I like most about my position is supporting the board and ensuring that we all achieve our goals. In addition, I really enjoy thinking about the future of UniPartners Wageningen: what are the opportunities for growth?
Romy Beirnaert
Financial Manager
Study: BSc Management & Consumer studies

My name is Romy Beirnaert, I am 21 years old and I just finished my Business and Consumer Studies at Wageningen University & Research. This academic year I am the Financial Manager of UniPartners Wageningen. As a Financial Manager I am responsible for preparing the budget, managing the finances, taking care of the financial administration and the annual financial report. What I like best about my position is thinking about long-term investments and keeping an eye on the current financial situation. In addition, I think it's super cool that I get a better understanding of accounting, since this is something I might want to work in later.
Niek de Hond
Account Manager
Study: MSc Urban Environmental Management

I am Niek de Hond, 22 years old and this year I started my Masters in Urban Environmental Management in Wageningen. As Account Manager at UniPartners Wageningen I am responsible for bringing in projects through cold acquisition and maintaining the existing network. I also coordinate the board and support the business committee in acquiring companies. I see my board year as the ideal period for personal development. Partly because of the intensive cooperation in a small board, being independent and contact with the business world, I think this year I will make great strides.
Julia Ackermans
Human Resources Manager
Studie: BSc Nutrition & Health

My name is Julia Ackermans. After completing my Bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Health at Wageningen University, I opted for a board year at UniPartners Wageningen.
As an HR manager I am mainly concerned with the specific recruitment and selection of project executors, board members and committee members. Moreover, it is my job to guide new board members in the BIO period. In addition, I am responsible for team building activities, providing training by various organizations and I organize the management evaluations together with the chairman.
Esmée Plukaard
Marketing & International Relations Manager
Study: BSc Management & Consumer studies

My name is Esmée Plukaard and I will finish my studies in Business & Consumer Studies this year. After this I hope to go to Rotterdam. Besides my studies, I was looking for an additional challenge to apply my knowledge gained so far in practice. Running my own business therefore fits well with my studies. As Marketing & International Relations Manager I am responsible for offline & online communication towards students, so I often work with the program Indesign. In addition, I am responsible for the Marketing Committee and related activities.
Evi van der Zanden
Quality Manager
Study: MSc Food Technology: Ingredient Functionality

My name is Evi van der Zanden and I am the Quality Manager of UniPartners Wageningen. In addition, I am working part-time on courses for my Master Food Ingredient Functionality. I was looking for an extra challenge in addition to my studies to get a picture of the business world and to apply my knowledge so far in running my own company with 5 co-drivers. My position means that I will guarantee and optimize the internal and external quality of UniPartners Wageningen where necessary. In this way the uniformity of processes and project management of our location will remain guaranteed. I am also concerned with the preservation of privacy legislation (AVG).

Vacancies Wageningen

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