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Vacature - Design Electrical Distribution System
Vestiging Eindhoven | Techniek


GM Products is a company active in construction and innovation of infrastructure for the telecom and water, gas and energy sectors. Recently, GM Products is shifting its focus more towards the energy sector in particular.

GM Products wants to supply a new (set of) product(s) to a group of large public utility companies (Alliander, Enexis and Stedin among others). This group desires to standardize electrical distribution systems within high-rise and low-rise buildings in order to ease installation and maintenance.


For construction of high-rise buildings, an electrical distribution system has to be installed to connect the building and its housing units to the power grid. Within the building, a so-called riser-box branches the power supply from the main distribution cable to separate housing units. However, this riser-box is used in several different applications by different Dutch public utility companies (e.g. Alliander or Enexis) and needs to satisfy different requirements each time.

GM Products wants to design the separate components in the riser-box, such that a standardised model for the riser-box can be created which is suitable for any application in the market today! This means finding commonalities between the several applications of the riser-box, producing new designs of the component(s) and finally justifying the designs according to the requirements!

Eisen van student

Are you…


  • Able to think outside of the box
  • Highly analytical
  • Knowledgeable on Electrical systems/circuitry
  • Experienced in CAD/mechanical engineering

Wat biedt UniPartners jou?

  • A shot at applying your academic knowledge to real-life problems;
  • Experience in the field of electrical systems and design;
  • Ample financial compensation;
  • A boost to your resume!

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