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UniPartners Tilburg

We are UniPartners Tilburg! An ambitious and dynamic academic consultancy based in the Tias building (T.616) on the campus of Tilburg University.


Our student managers have been working hard since 1997 to give Tilburg students the opportunity to gain experience in the business world. We believe that students who challenge and develop themselves are of great added value to the labor market.


What can offer you? First of all you can get started as a Junior consultant or eventually even as a Senior consultant! Solve a challenging issue and with your knowledge assist a company in the Tilburg area. You can also follow a traineeship to challenge yourself and develop further.


Want to gain experience with sales or marketing? Take a look at our committees. Not challenging enough? A board year at UniPartners is not only extremely challenging but also part of a vibrant network of ambitious students. An experience you will remember the rest of your life!


UniPartners Tilburg offers many possibilities. For you too! Sign up or drop by for a cup of coffee so that we can tell you all about it. We would love to share our UniPartners stories with you; we are waiting!


Vacatures Tilburg

Translating assessments to Italian
Vestiging Tilburg | Sociaal & Gedrag
Are you a native Italian speaker and eager to earn some money? We want you!
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Translating assessments to Spanish
Vestiging Tilburg | Sociaal & Gedrag
Are you a native Spanish speaker and do you want to earn some money? We are looking for you! We offer a translating-job...
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Vestiging Tilburg | Economie & Bedrijfskunde
Voor dit bedrijf ga je op zoek naar bedrijven die een partnership willen aangaan en ga je ze ook meteen benaderen!
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Niek Jansen
In the role of chairman, I have the final responsibility for, among others, in pursuing the policy and motivating the other board members. Next to these daily tasks, I am the contact person for both internal and external parties. Last year, I finished my Bachelor studies in Economics and Business Economics and now this gap year provides great opportunities to orient for the next step. Other than UniPartners related stuff I am active at student association Plato and I travel over the whole country for football matches!
Karlijn van der Meule
Quality Manager
Last year, I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Law at Tilburg University. Apart from the knowledge I have acquired during my Bachelor’s, I wanted to gain practical experience. UniPartners Tilburg offers me the perfect opportunity to do so. This year I will safeguard the quality of the processes and optimize them where necessary. It is imperative that I am aware of on-going projects, in order to guarantee the uniformity and quality of the projects. Moreover, I am responsible for the compliance with privacy legislation.
Xavier van Kemenade
Financial Manager
My name is Xavier van Kemenade, 21 years old and bachelorstudent Businesseconomics at Tilburg University. During the academic year of 2019-2020 I will hold the position of treasurer and projectmanager. While holding the position of treasurer, I am going to focus on the financial aspects and accountancy of Unipartners Tilburg. Next to this position I will focus on the managing and supporting of our consultants.
Maud Lipperts
My name is Maud Lipperts and I'm 21 years old. Last year, I got my Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics at Tilburg University. Since I wanted to gain more experience and explore my interests before applying for a Master program, I decided to apply for a board year at UniPartners Tilburg. As the PR manager of UniPartners, my main task is to increase the brand awareness of UniPartners among companies and students. I am going to fulfill this by expanding the UniPartners network and maintaining existing relationships, which I'm doing together with Robin. In addition, I am responsible for our promotion towards students.
Maud Cox
For this academic year, I will hold the position of human resource manager. As the HR-manager, I will be responsible for the recruitment and selection of student consultants, board members and committee members for UniPartners. In addition, I am responsible for personal and professional development of our board. Last year, I started to follow the master program Marketing Management, after finishing my bachelor in Business Economics. This year I will be fully committed to operate as a full-time board member of UniPartners and my goal is to make it an educational and pleasant year with both the board and the entire UniPartners Network.
Robin Goossens
My name is Robin Goossens. I am the Accountmanager of UniPartners Tilburg since February 2019. My tasks include increasing the brand awareness of UniPartners Tilburg among potential clients and acquiring new projects. I do this, among other things, by building a network and maintaining current relationships. In addition, I will supervise various projects as a project manager. I combine this with pursuing a Master in Strategic Management.
Luuk Kuijpers
My name is Luuk Kuijpers, 24-years old and student MSc Strategic Management. This year, I will perform the function of HRD- and project manager. This means that in the following year I will focus on organizing various events and guiding / supporting the studentconsultants. I’m looking forward to learning a lot throughout this period and to developing myself further into the consultant that I hope to become in the future.
Innovatieve Samenwerking
Office Tilburg | Sociaal
Het onderzoek resulteert in het inzichtelijk maken van samenwerking m.b.t. recente innovaties die betrekking hebben op het MKB....
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Office Tilburg | Economisch
Gedurende het onderzoek is onderzocht welke kanalen de doelgroep het beste bereiken en wat de behoefte van de doelgroep is m.b.t. huisvestiging....
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Algemene voorwaarden check
Office Tilburg | Sociaal
Gedurende het onderzoek zijn de algemene voorwaarden onder de loep genomen en is er een gebruikersovereenkomst opgesteld....
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Raad van Advies

Marc Heuvelmans
Partner, Bogaerts & Groenen
Rien van Linschoten
Brabo Horeca Groep
Nicole Severijns
Citymarketing Tilburg
Bas Kapitein
Midpoint Brabant
Linda van Hoof
Van Boekel Accountants & Adviseurs
Bart Heerkens
Heerkens van Bavel Groep
Ton Gimbrère
Gemeenteraadslid CDA Gemeente Tilburg
Bas Snels
Directeur Bedrijven Rabobank Tilburg en omstreken
Kim Ardon
Teamleader External and Campus Communication at Tilburg University
Marc van Corven
CEO Zorgservice XL

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